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Tuning & Repair

Restore the elegant sound of your piano with precise piano tuning and thorough repair from a skilled technician.



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Registered Member of the Piano Technicians Guild
• More Than 40 Years in Business

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Improve your favorite instrument with services from a heralded piano technician in Reno, Nevada. I started Francois Doucette Piano Services to provide clients with superior tuning and repair services. I am very passionate about pianos and treat them with the utmost care and respect, which is just one of the reasons people consider me one of the best piano technicians on the West Coast. By treating every piano as if it were my own, I maintain a great rapport with all of my clients. Not only do I tune the piano but I also tune in to the piano, listening to what it needs to make it sing. Additionally, if you're interested in buying or selling a piano, I can connect you with interested parties.

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