Precise Piano Tuning & Repair

Piano Keys - Piano Tuning

Improve the tonal quality of your piano with tuning and repair from Francois Doucette Piano Services in Reno, Nevada.
I rely on proven techniques to perform a thorough job that satisfies your repair or maintenance request.


The biggest misconception that people have about their piano is that the piano doesn't need to be tuned regularly. Your piano must be tuned at least twice a year to remain properly adjusted. Tuning ensures that your instrument delivers the quality of sound you expect.

Piano Repair

Many musicians simply don't realize when they need piano repairs. They think that tuning will do the job, but that's not always the case. I provide regulating and voicing that restores your piano's dynamic ranges, among other benefits.

Contact me for tuning and repair services that give new life to your worn or defective piano.